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Homily for Paul and Amy’s marriage

Le Sam 21 oct 2017

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  • église de Saint Pierre aux Liens - Barcelonnette

“The man shall leave his father and his mother, in order to be united with his wife with whom
they will be one flesh. Because of this, they are no longer two, but one. This mystery is great,” says
Saint Paul. It is the mystery (the sacrament) of the Covenant of Christ with his

Today, the mystery is your reciprocal love, Amy and Paul. You are God’s
globetrotters! Yes, your mutual attraction is a mystery, which defies reason. You are
two magnets, which are attracted to each other despite the huge distance that
separates you. However, love is impervious to distance and probability laws.
Thanks to your love, Amy and Paul, a sublime mystery has been revealed.
Former Pope John Paul II said that the love between a man and a woman is the
first Revelation that God divulged to us. Genesis said that God created man and
woman in his own image. (Genesis 1:26, 27)

Paul and Amy, your union is the result of an irrepressible attraction, which
represents God’s will. It shows God’s love for you and humankind. “Everyone, who
loves has been born of God, and knows God. Whoever does not love, does not know God, because
God is love.” Therefore, God’s first representation is neither Paul nor Amy alone,
but Paul who runs towards his friend, his sweetheart, his dove, while she draws him
from her remote Australia. They went together to Greece, France, and on the
shores of the vast Pacific Ocean. Amy and Paul, you are no longer alone.
The dizziness, caused by your panting race from the antipodes to the Ubaye Valley,
has probably unsettled you. Do not worry Amy and Paul! It all comes from the
Creator, who has inscribed in your heart and your body, this unrivalled rush that
liberates you from the sad banality of an arranged marriage!

Rejoice, Amy and Paul, because your love looks divine! Because you love one
another, God will dwell in you, and your love will reach perfection. In a short time,
you will say this: “Amy, Paul receive this wedding ring, which is the sign of my love and my
fidelity in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” The Trinity of Love! God is
neither alone nor you, but in and with your union.

Your love is the fruit of a first and intentional love. Saint John said, “It was not we
who loved God but it was He who first loved us.” He loved you personally and now He
loves you together. As you have responded to God’s mindful love, you are very
happy to be here today.

There is also something new in your marriage. Someone else invites you not to hide
your union under a bushel, as one would do for a strictly private matter. Therefore,
you have invited Him. Because He has loved you so much, you have also chosen
that, like Him, your love will always be open, open to life, and open to others.
Because He has loved us so much, we must love each other.

Your union will beget a family, and a blossoming home around you. Like other
Christian spouses, you will take part in the building of the city and the church.
Your commitment will prevent a watering down or a withdrawal from reality that
could stir up disdain among people because marriage is considered a worthless
ritual these days.

Christian marriage is above all else a marriage between Christians. This is true in
your case Amy and Paul. Former Pope John Paul II said that the family was a
domestic church. That will be the great add-on of your marriage, the one of which
Jesus speaks in the Gospel when he says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his
righteousness, and all the rest will be given to you in addition.” This is how you as a couple
will be called to become a home, a home of light and warmth, a focus of prayer and
charity, especially forgiveness. Pope Francis often talks of a home where children
grow up in the joy of the Gospel.

Through Jesus, and his parents Mary and Joseph, we contemplate the splendor of
true love. We have faith in you, Holy Family of Nazareth. Let our families be a
place of communion, a cenacle of prayer, an authentic school of the Gospel, and a
small domestic church. Holy Family of Nazareth, we pray that no one inside a
family will suffer from violence and exclusion. May whoever has been wounded or
offended quickly find healing and solace! Holy Family of Nazareth, help us awaken
the holy sacrament of family, and the beauty of God’s will. Jesus, Mary, Joseph,
hear us, and honor and answer our prayers.

Lord, we pray that this holy sacrament may seal our heart and our soul, and that
this sacrament may forever seal our love of family.
We have now arrived at the wedding itself, and the Eucharist, where your love is
infused and purified. The congruity, the close link between the sacrament of
marriage and the sacrament of the Eucharist is not well received these days.


The holy sacrifice in the mass is called the wedding feast of the lamb in the Apocalypse.
The Eucharist is celebrating the wedding of God’s lamb with you.
Jesus carried all sins of humankind on the cross. The Lord sacrificed his son in
order to absolve our sins. Jesus is offering himself on this altar in order that your
love, sealed in the sacrament of marriage, will remain forever. For every
communion, let it be today or tomorrow, Paul and Amy, your union will be infused
with the blood of the Savior. That is how your marriage will be an eternal love.

The homily was translated into English by Bernard Martoïa
with the help of Reverend John Kleinheksel from Michigan

église de Saint Pierre aux Liens place Saint Pierre, 04400 Barcelonnette